White Microsilica (Zirconium Silica Fume)

White Microsilica, also known as Zirconium Silica Fume or 99% undensified silica fume. Currently, the white silica fume available from Henan Superior Abrasives is 99% undensified silica fume, SiO2 >94%, ZrO2 <2% of silica fume.

White Microsilica has good fluidity enhancement characteristics, and it can be well dispersed under the action of dispersant. The fine particle size of silica fume can improve the particle distribution in refractory castables, fill the voids between large particles, increase the density of castables, reduce the void rate, and make the castables self-flowing with less water demand. It is currently used in large quantities in high strength concrete, refractory materials, insulation materials, chemical coatings, oil well cement and other fields.

White Microsilica is an indeterminate micro powder with spherical structure, which has high purity, high whiteness, high activity, high thermal conductivity, high insulation and high weather resistance, etc. White silica fume can be widely used in concrete, refractory materials, wall materials, cement products, mortar, flooring, chemical industry and other important fields used in special projects.

White Silica Fume
  • SiO2: >94%
  • Color: White
  • PH: 4-6
  • Bulk Density: 250~350kg/m3, 550~700kg/m3, Above 700kg/m3

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  • High purity, high whiteness, adjustable and controllable particle size, uniform distribution.
  • Good weather resistance, good chemical stability, except for hydrofluoric acid, strong alkali reaction, does not react with any other substances.
  • High hardness and high sex of silica fume improve the scratch resistance of the coating film.
  • Low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, is the ideal filling material for electronic and electrical products.
  • Low oil absorption, low viscosity, good dispersibility and fluidity.


  • High-Performance Concrete: White microsilica is used to produce high-performance concrete with improved strength, durability, and resistance to chemical attack.
  • Refractory Materials: Due to its high purity and low iron content, zirconium silica fume is an essential ingredient in the production of refractory materials such as bricks, castables, and monolithic linings.
  • White Cement: White microsilica is used to produce high-purity white cement, which has applications in architectural and decorative concrete.
  • Ceramics: Zirconium silica fume is used in the production of advanced ceramics, such as zirconia-based ceramics, where it can act as a sintering aid and enhance the final properties of the product.
  • Repair Materials: White microsilica can be used in repair materials to improve bonding, strength, and durability.
  • Oil Well Cementing: Zirconium silica fume can be added to oil well cement to enhance its performance by improving its mechanical properties, reducing permeability, and increasing resistance to chemical attack in the harsh downhole environment.
  • Precast Concrete: White microsilica can be used in the production of precast concrete elements, where it contributes to improved strength, durability, and surface finish.
  • Shotcrete and Gunite: Zirconium silica fume can be added to shotcrete and gunite mixtures to enhance their strength, adhesion, and resistance to cracking, making them suitable for applications in tunneling, mining, and slope stabilization.
  • Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC): White microsilica’s ability to improve workability and rheological properties makes it suitable for use in self-compacting concrete, which requires minimal vibration and compaction during placement.
  • Fiber-Reinforced Concrete: The addition of zirconium silica fume to fiber-reinforced concrete can enhance the bond between fibers and the cementitious matrix, leading to improved mechanical properties and durability.


ProjectAssay valueGuarantee value
Loss on ignition(%)0.30.5
specific surface area(m2/g)96-15


  • 10kg soluble paper bags x 84 on the pallets.
  • 20kg soluble paper bags x 42 on the pallets.
  • 950kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets(with or without bottom spout)
  • 1000kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets(with or without bottom spout )
  • 500kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets (with or without bottom spout )
  • United States – ASTM C1240
  • Canada – CSA A23.5
  • European Union – EN 13263
  • China – GB/T 18736
  • Japan – JIS A 6207
  • Brazil – ABNT NBR 13956
  • Korea – KS F 2567
  • Vietnam – TCVN 9395
  • India – IS 15388

The cost of the silica fume is influenced by multiple factors, such as SiO2 content, logistics transportation cost, labor cost, ect. Generally, the price of silica fume ranges from $150 to $800 per metric ton. However, prices can sometimes exceed this range for high-quality, specialized products or for small orders.Due to different needs, which means that the price is changed, so we are unable to provide online quotes. We will send you the detailed quotation after you send us your requirements.

Silica fume and fly ash are both supplementary cementitious materials that can improve the performance of concrete. Silica fume is composed of extremely fine particles of amorphous silica, while fly ash is a byproduct of coal combustion and composed of small spherical particles of inorganic material. Silica fume particles are much smaller than fly ash particles, and it is generally considered to be a more reactive pozzolan than fly ash. Silica fume is known for improving the compressive strength of concrete at early ages, while fly ash is typically used to improve the long-term strength and durability of concrete. The choice of which material to use will depend on the specific application and performance requirements of the concrete being used.

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