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Crucible Silicon Carbide

A crucible silicon carbide is a ceramic bowl-shaped container with a deep bottom. Crucibles are used when a solid is to be heated over high heat. This is because it can withstand higher temperatures than glassware.

Properties of Crucible Silicon Carbide

  • HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: Silicon carbide has a melting point of up to 2700℃, which is one of the ceramic materials with the highest known melting point. Therefore, crucible silicon carbide can withstand high temperature environment and is suitable for melting high temperature metals and materials, such as steel, iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium and so on.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Silicon carbide has good chemical stability and can resist the erosion of corrosive media such as acid, alkali and salt. Therefore, crucible silicon carbide can be used for melting corrosive melts, such as acidic melts, alkaline melts, salt melts and so on.
  • High Strength: The strength of silicon carbide is 3 times that of graphite, and the bending strength can be more than 400MPa. Therefore, crucible silicon carbide has good resistance to mechanical impact and is not easy to break.
  • High thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of silicon carbide is 10 times higher than that of graphite, and the coefficient of thermal conductivity can be more than 120W/mK. Therefore, crucible silicon carbide can transfer heat quickly and evenly, improve melting efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Application of crucible silicon carbide

  • Metallurgical industry: Silicon carbide crucible is used for melting steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metals.
  • Chemical industry: silicon carbide crucible is used to produce ceramics, glass, fertilizer and other chemical products.
  • Electronic industry: Silicon carbide crucibles are used to produce monocrystalline silicon, silicon carbide crystals and other electronic component materials.
  • Others: Silicon carbide crucible can be used in laboratory analysis, molten salt electrolysis, heat treatment and other fields.

Advantages of Silicon Carbide Crucible

  • Long service life: Silicon carbide crucible has good resistance to high temperature and corrosion, so it has a long service life and can reduce the production cost.
  • Energy saving: The good thermal conductivity of silicon carbide crucible can improve the melting efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  • Environmental protection: Silicon carbide crucible does not produce harmful substances in the process of production and use, which is an environmentally friendly material.

How to choose silicon carbide crucible

  • Selection according to the use temperature: The maximum use temperature of silicon carbide crucible is up to 1700℃, but the maximum use temperature of different models of silicon carbide crucible may be different. Therefore, you should choose the suitable silicon carbide crucible according to the actual operating temperature.
  • Selection according to the melting material: Silicon carbide crucibles may react with the melting material, so a suitable silicon carbide crucible should be selected according to the melting material. For example, a silicon carbide crucible for melting acidic melts should have good acid resistance.
  • Selection according to size: The size of the silicon carbide crucible should match the size of the melting furnace.


1. Are silicon carbide crucibles expensive?

Silicon carbide crucibles are more expensive than graphite crucibles, but they have a longer service life and therefore a lower overall cost.

2. Are silicon carbide crucibles fragile?

Silicon carbide crucibles are 3 times stronger than graphite crucibles, but they still need to be used with care to avoid violent impacts.

3. How do I use a silicon carbide crucible?

The following precautions should be taken when using a silicon carbide crucible:

Before use, the crucible should be carefully checked for cracks and other defects.
The heating and cooling speed should not be too fast to avoid rupture of the crucible.
After melting, the residue in the crucible should be cleaned up in time.

4. Can silicon carbide crucibles be recycled?

Yes. Waste silicon carbide crucible can be crushed and used to make new silicon carbide crucible or other silicon carbide products.

5. Where can I buy silicon carbide crucibles?

You can buy the crucible silicon carbide from Henan Superior Abrasives. You can send us your specific needs via email.

Email: sales@superior-abrasives.com

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