What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of Microsilica?

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Microsilica is a product that is widely used in concrete and other building materials. In the purchase of microsilica, some people buy microsilica price is very high, feel that they don’t cheat; some buy and very cheap, and have doubts about its performance. So, what exactly determines the price of microsilica? What are the factors that affect the price of microsilica?

The quality of microsilica factors

1.How much purity of microsilica

The chemical and physical properties of different microsilicas are somewhat different, so the price of different microsilicas will be different. High purity microsilica can greatly improve the strength and durability of concrete, reduce the alkali content of concrete, the use of lower water requirements. Generally speaking, the higher the purity of the microsilica, the price will be higher.

2.Whether the microsilica encryption

In addition, the encryption of microsilica or not will also affect its price. Encrypted microsilica can improve its performance, and encrypted microsilica dispersion is significantly improved. Because the encryption method of microsilica is more complex, after a special encryption process, so the price of encrypted microsilica must be higher than non-encrypted microsilica. In addition, the product quality is more stable microsilica, more favored by customers.

Packaging cost factors

The packaging of microsilica also has a certain impact on the price. microsilica belongs to the gray powder products, its packaging directly affects the degree of spontaneous loss of products, good packaging can directly avoid such losses. At present, 10kg water-soluble paper bag, its packaging cost per ton about $40, while 25kg paper bag and woven bag packaging cost per ton about $15 to $20, while the cost of 1000kg ton bag packaging is about $10, more cost-saving, so that’s why microsilica are usually sold and bought by the ton.

Logistics and transportation factors

1.Transportation distance

The price of microsilica and transportation distance also has a great relationship, transportation costs in the total cost of microsilica also has a certain share. Customers close to the microsilica manufacturers use microsilica price is very cheap. The farther the transportation distance, the greater the price increase, not to mention that the transportation of microsilica is more troublesome, so it is necessary to do a better job in the transportation of related measures.

2. Transportation volume

The difference between the original silica fume and encrypted silica fume is mainly in the volume. Ordinary microsilica has low bulk density, so the same weight of microsilica volume is larger, the transportation cost is more, at the same time, it is more likely to fly apart, resulting in product loss, so the transportation cost is high. The main advantage of encrypted microsilica is to save transportation costs, so it is a little higher than the price of unencrypted microsilica, because the volume is smaller, and the transportation cost will be reduced.

The market supply and demand factors

The supply and demand situation

The production of microsilica can not be separated from the smelting of ferrosilicon, then when the demand for ferrosilicon is reduced, the production of microsilica will naturally be reduced, then for a normal market demand, it will result in an oversupply of microsilica, or the market suddenly need a large number of microsilica products, but microsilica production can not be improved, so it will also result in an oversupply of microsilica prices are bound to increase sharply.

Oversupply situation

There is an oversupply situation, there must be an oversupply situation. When the market demand for microsilica is reduced, if the production of microsilica remains unchanged, or due to the large demand for ferrosilicon, resulting in a substantial increase in the production of microsilica, the sale of microsilica will certainly be oversupplied and the price will be reduced.

The microsilica sales factors

The amount of purchasing volume on the price of microsilica also has an impact. microsilica is a product that can be sold at a small profit, when the customer’s one-time purchasing volume reaches a certain size, the microsilica manufacturers will usually give a larger discount, and a large number of sales can be saved at the same time a lot of production, packaging, transportation and other costs, so the price will naturally be much lower.

Factors affecting the price of microsilica in addition to those described above for you, but also may be affected by other factors such as geography, season, environment, etc., so the price of microsilica is still based on the actual situation to see whether it is reasonable. For example, if the production of microsilica for refractories is low, the price will be higher, and if the production of microsilica powder for concrete is large, the price will be relatively cheap.

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