What is the difference between Silicon Carbide F Grit and P Grit?

The Difference Between Silicon Carbide F Grit and P Grit

F grit and P grit are two designations for the size and shape of silicon carbide abrasive particles, used in grinding and sanding applications. The key difference lies in their intended use:

F Grit VS P Grit

  • F grit (FEPA-F): Stands for “Federation of European des Fabricants de Produits Abrasifs” (European Federation of Abrasive Products Manufacturers). This designation is typically used for bonded abrasive tools like grinding wheels, sharpening stones, and whetstones. F grit particles are crushed and tend to be more rounded in shape.
  • P grit (FEPA-P): This designation is used for coated abrasives like sandpaper, sanding discs, and belts. P grit particles undergo a different milling process, resulting in a more elongated or columnar shape. This shape allows the particles to fracture more easily, creating new cutting edges during use.

Here’s a table summarizing the key differences:

FeatureF Grit (FEPA-F)P Grit (FEPA-P)
UseBonded abrasives (grinding wheels, sharpening stones)Coated abrasives (sandpaper, sanding discs)
Milling processBall milling, airflow millingRaymond milling, ball milling
Particle shapeRoundedElongated/columnar

In essence, F grit is designed for heavy-duty material removal due to its more robust particles, while P grit is better suited for finer finishing due to its sharper and self-fracturing nature.

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